Late-onset Psychosis Leads to the Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Report

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Anthoula C. Tsolaki
Anastasia Konsta
Georgia N. Porfyri
Olga Sinani
Pantelis Karaberis
Efthimia Samara
Georgia Deretzi
Ioannis Diakogiannis


Psychotic symptoms are common in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and are associated with poorer quality of life, significant patient morbidity, early mortality, and caregiver burden. We present a case of a 49-year old female patient with late-onset psychosis, which led to the diagnosis of PD. This clinical case combines all the rarely presented symptoms related to PD psychosis, and the diagnosis was formed after a thorough clinical, imaging, and neuropsychological examination.

Parkinson’s disease, psychosis, neuroleptics.

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Tsolaki, A. C., Konsta, A., Porfyri, G. N., Sinani, O., Karaberis, P., Samara, E., Deretzi, G., & Diakogiannis, I. (2020). Late-onset Psychosis Leads to the Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Report. Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Neurology, 3(1), 1-4. Retrieved from
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