Mortal Aneurysm Rupture in a Rare Case of Steroid-resistant Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome

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Anthoula C. Tsolaki
Galaktion Konstantinidis
Stavroula Koukou
Fotini Michali
Christina Manika
Nikolaos D. Michalis


Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome is a rare condition characterized by painful ophthalmoparesis and idiopathic granulomatous inflammation of the cavernous sinus, classically extremely responsive to corticosteroid administration. We present a rare case of a 27-year-old man with Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome who did not respond to corticosteroids and the rupture of the co-existing internal carotid artery aneurysm caused his death.

Tolosa-Hunt syndrome, ophthalmoplegia, cavernous ICA aneurysm

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Tsolaki, A. C., Konstantinidis, G., Koukou, S., Michali, F., Manika, C., & Michalis, N. D. (2020). Mortal Aneurysm Rupture in a Rare Case of Steroid-resistant Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome. Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Neurology, 2(2), 1-6. Retrieved from
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